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My Mechanic mentioned it was not safe to rely on the old batteries while out on Lake Mead and they wanted to be certain my family was to be safe while on the water. I was sold forever on these guys. The crew at Las Vegas Tracker Marine are doing their best to make the customer happy and more importantly, safe. I will confidently bring my boat to these guys for maintenance and when buying my next upgrade. I know I can trust them to take great care of my boat and my well-being.

I have owned three Tracker boats over the last 25 years. I will never own another. My Tracker Tundra 18 WT sprang a leak. After 13 years of use and incredibly well taken care of the boat in rewarded me with an area of hull failure about 12 x What apparently happens is water gets trapped inside the hull beneath the sprayed in foam flotation.

The area that appears extremely prone to oxidation is right around the gas take filler hose that over time out gases and mixes with the trapped water. This eventually causes the primer paint to fail and accelerates the aluminum oxidation. ANY owner that has a tracker boat of the same vintage is likely to experience this issue. The oxidation shows up on the port side of the boat about a foot up from the transom. Again right around the area where the gas tank filler hose is connected to the tank. I did report the problem to the marina I purchased the boat from.

I sent Tracker a detailed letter and photos of the damage. They never bothered to respond back. I am now attempting to repair the boat so I can sell it with full disclosure of the repairs. Although I did not expect Tracker to replace my boat I did expect them to at least offer to help with the repairs. Bought bass tracker off show room floor had a hole in the all weld hull. They sent it to be fixed and it still leaked. Sent to factory to fix and replace vinyl floor.

They sent boat back to us. Now boat is in way worse shape than it was when it left. The dealership doesn't want to release it to us 'cause they believe it is unacceptable.

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Bass tracker don't want to give me a refund and just wants to replace the hull. I've been without the boat for most of the time I have had it. Very poor customer service. Tracker Pro-Team Special Edition purchased from my uncle and ten years old now. The boat had been under cover and covered for about three years. My mechanic replaced the fuel pump and gave the fuel system a thorough cleaning and sea foam additive.

Replaced injectors and spark plugs, etc.

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Took the boat out to the lake; the Mercury 50, 4 cycle, fired right up at the first turn of the ignition and pushed the boat right at 38 mph. Hull and paint are in excellent condition as well as upholstery and carpet. Had to replace the starting battery, of course, since it had been sitting for three years; but the deep cycle battery was still in good working order after a charge.

I don't see why people are giving this boat such horrible reviews?

Me going full speed on a 14 ft. JON BOAT, with 8 HP MERCURY MOTOR

I think it's great! I have seen some who are dragging the boat on shore, leaving it out in the rain, and various other things. Perhaps it's not the boat but the owner who has the problem? I complained before about this company with my brand new boat. I had problems with the stern drive pump that was fixed after 3 attempts. And the onboard generator helps power you well into the night. And it can be powered by up to horses, giving you more power and more range. The 1-piece, fully welded hull is unitized to the all-aluminum box-beam transom via the full-length longitudinal stringer system—making the SC one of the strongest, most durable jons we've ever built.

At a full 17' 1" long and with a generous 78" beam, it's very spacious and very stable—an ideal craft for hunting, fishing or bowfishing that will handle up to 50 horses on the transom. The unitized stringer, transom and Mod V hull give you a rock-solid boat with a smooth, dry ride. The quality of construction is the same as that of its larger GRIZZLY brothers, with a unitized, all-aluminum, all welded hull, stringer and transom for a lifetime of performance you can count on.

The SC features a big front deck, wide beam, 2 pedestal seat base locations and a roomy interior to make this boat as comfortable as it is rugged. At 18' 1" and with an ample 7' beam, you can transport deer feeders, coolers and more—with the stable assurance only a big boat can provide.

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Built of durable, marine-grade. This rugged, no-frills utility boat sports 3 full-width bench seats with foam flotation beneath. With a generous beam of 5' 8" and a durable Starlite Gray powder-coat finish, the Guide V Deep V can do it all, whether you're trolling for walleye or chasing big bass. At a lightweight 87 lbs. Crafted from a rugged aluminum alloy, this 10' aluminum boat is backed by a 3-year structural limited warranty, ensuring the quality TRACKER is known for.

This rugged, compact boat is reinforced with pressed-in longitudinal corrugation, corner transom braces, under-seat foam for flotation and a durable powder-coat finish. As our lightest and most economical flat-bottom jon boat, the Topper will provide years of fun and convenient fishing!

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An optional trailer is available. Not available in Canada. It also features a wider, 36" bottom for added stability. The stable and compact is reinforced with transverse extruded aluminum ribs, pressed-in strakes, corner transom braces, underseat foam for flotation and a durable powder-coat finish. With this versatile and lightweight boat, you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors anytime, anywhere.

The Topper features center and aft bench seats and a bow platform, with plenty of room for gear inside. Easy install and works great! Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Easy to install and built for bear!! These are heavy duty and a match made in heaven for our new Tracker boat. Be sure to buy the Brocraft rod holders to match.

They are equally as good and you will be very pleased. Recently installed a bimini top on my 17ft tracker, i used this mounting option as i dont like drilling unnecessary holes in my aluminum, and my boat has the versatrack, so why not. While this setup is pricey, i really like it and glad i went this route.

As said before, no holes, but better is the fact i was able to loosen and adjust the top and strap anchors until i had perfect placement. The hardware itself seems very high quality and tough, should last a long time. Pay the price, save your aluminum.


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Only 19 left in stock - order soon. The Holders work very well will not be without the versa track system on any of my boats. Only 5 left in stock - order soon.