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The result is that the screen 'pops' so much more on the S8 than the iPhone - colours are more vibrant, blacks are deeper, and whites are brighter. The only negative is that the use of an unusual screen ratio doesn't play too well with some apps that are hard-coded to use the Unless you're using an app that's able to adjust to the new size, such as YouTube, you'll have to put up with annoying black bars until the software is updated. Despite a lack of creativity on the outside, the iPhone 8 Plus is practically revolutionary on the inside. It's powered by the monstrous hexa-core A11 Bionic chip that's also the backbone of the iPhone X, boasting a serious performance upgrade over the iPhone 7's A In fact, it's the fastest chip we've ever benchmarked in a mobile device, blowing the S8 and other Android smartphones out of the water.

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It produced more than double the single core performance score, and did equally well on multi-core tasks. As a comparison, the iPhone 8's stellar chip was essentially twice as powerful as the Galaxy S8 Plus' Exynos processor.

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Even in multicore performance, something that Android chips have typically dominated, the A11 processor was able to smash its main rival and every other device recently tested, more than doubling the score of the iPhone 7. While in reality the Exynos chip powering the S8 is perfectly capable of handling almost everything you can throw at it, the iPhone 8 is the more powerful device, and is perhaps more capable of handling future, power-hungry tools like advanced AI features. The problem is that all that power is only available in relatively short bursts.

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The Galaxy S8 Plus set the bar with a 20hrs and 30mins battery life during our benchmark tests, while the iPhone 8 Plus clocked in only 13hrs and 56mins. In fact, the iPhone 8 is outmatched by many Android-based rivals in this regard, including the excellent OnePlus 5T. That extra six hours gives the S8 a clear edge, as it's long enough to ensure that you won't always be checking your battery meter and fretting about being close to a charge point.

Local storage has become less of a sticking point as more users shift their data into the cloud or remotely access office networks, but for those that still require lots of space, you'll be pleased to know that both phones offer decent storage tiers, with the iPhone 8 shipping in either 64GB or a whopping GB. There is a GB model available in South Korea, and there's talk it will arrive in the west at some stage, but it's hardly worth waiting for. There's no denying that the iPhone 8 Plus is a powerful device, but unfortunately, it's handicapped by a pretty woeful battery life.

The question is whether that's worth it. Perhaps the biggest sticking point for many customers is their loyalty to a particular operating system. While the topic creates tribalism and those firmly set on iOS are unlikely to switch over to Android, it's worth considering how useful the operating system will be for a business user.

One of the platform's biggest selling points is its robust security, widely known for being one of the more difficult operating systems to hack. Apple operates strict controls over the iOS ecosystem, so there's comparatively little chance a buggy or malicious application is going to find its way to the App Store.

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That's not to say that Android isn't secure. With the Galaxy S8 Plus' Android Oreo , Google has made strides to clamp down on malicious apps, including restricting programs to asking for specific permissions when they are needed, such as access to a camera, rather than asking users for blanket permission up front. Unfortunately, given the fragmented nature of Android, and the many different smartphones running the OS, not all devices are upgraded to the latest versions at the same time, and with some devices, an upgrade may arrive months after the software was launched.

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