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They had been in the market when there were not so many detective agencies in the Indian society. They are the pioneers in the field of organized private detective services and now they have widened their network by opening eight branches of private detective companies in India. The huge database of their clients shows the reliability of the services of Action Detective Network.

Action Detective is a Private investigation company in India having well trained, intellectual, and skilled professionals coming from diverse backgrounds, such as, retired Army or Navy officers, lawyer, policeman, chartered accountants and experts of forensic science. Action Detective has its head office in Delhi, whereas the company is operative from several other locations including private detective agency Jaipur, detective agencies in Ahmadabad.

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Other leading cities, including Pune, Bangalore, Ranchi, Bhopal, and Dehradun also have their branch offices. Currently Action Detective agency has many assignments in hands, which are outside of their head office, so they have a set up of many local teams that can handle the case of that city.

Suppose they have to investigate a case of Jaipur, then their local team of private detective services in Jaipur will deal with the problem. If the issue is critical, then the senior team will also go there to handle the critical case. Action Detective is one the leading private investigators in India to investigate the whereabouts of any person or investigate the reputation, identity, affiliations or conduct of any company.

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Their corporate services include background investigation, corporate analysis services, and pre or post employment investigation. Whereas, personal services are primarily related to divorce cases, spouse infidelity, pre or post matrimonial investigation and constant watch services. Action Detective is a highly experienced Private Investigation Company in India with a three-tier investigation system. The lowest level of their employee is designated as second assistance and after completion of 1 year of services.

The employee is promoted to the first assistance level and who is further promoted to the Senior Investigator and Chief Investigator position. All the employees of this investigation services in India are well connected with each other through the strongest network of the agency. We have already made our name as the top detective agencies in Jaipur, and after solving many matrimonial cases, we are one of the most reliable matrimonial detectives in Delhi. We believe in highest accuracy that is why all the teams are headed by the senior investigators who have at least 5 years of experience in this field.

If there is a need to find out the background of an employee, companies can hire the private investigation company in India. They can also be hired to find secrets that are leading to marital disharmony and even the services can be extended to investigate issues related to alimony and divorce. In many places, private detective companies in India can be found, but the detective agencies in Ahmadabad have established themselves as organisations which have reliability, toughness and aggressiveness suitable enough to handle a variety of cases.


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The work of private investigators in India is gradually becoming advanced as well as intricate because they are offering variety of services and clients have various issues to be addressed. People are coming out into the open to clarify their stands on different problems. In order to reach a conclusion in relationships or find out the truth behind a happening, they need to go to the basics. That includes conversations around the table or desk in the privacy of your home or office, not just between the two people on a phone call.

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Your cell phone spy literally turns your private cell phone into a covert surveillance device. Identify Cell Phone Spying Cell phone forensics shows that Internet activity, texts and email are also accessible through cell phone spying. Also, your movements and locations can be tracked through GPS software and by the spy illegally pinging your cell phone to get locations.

All the information is accessible through a computer program which the bad guy monitors and controls. So how do you identify if you are a victim of cell phone spying? Make sure you check your invoices every month.

Will private investigator spy on mobile for you

However, it is not always possible for people to carry out their own surveillance. Often, if a partner has been particularly careful to cover his or her tracks, or the client is too busy or simply doesn't want to know all the gory details, a private investigator can step in to carry out the surveillance.

Private invstigators carry out surveillance on targets. In these cases, as well as using spy-phone software, private investigators will also carry out physical surveillance using hidden cameras concealed in their glasses, buttons or even Bluetooth earpieces to collect photographic evidence, as well as location trackers attached to the underside of vehicles. This evidence could be collected either through passive surveillance or by setting up a "honeytrap", whereby the private investigator sends in a member of the opposite sex to meet the target in a wine bar or club, and captures their interaction on video.

will private investigator spy on mobile for you

Mr Martinez said he is able to get around entrapment laws by making sure the target is not under the influence of alcohol and that the honeytrapper what Mr Martinez describes as an "integrity tester" behaves reactively, not proactively. We try and keep it as fair as possible. Some private detectives set up honeytraps for their targets. This may sound highly unethical, or even illegal.

A Radio 4 documentary called Crouching Low, Hidden Camera claimed that there is no regulatory system for private detectives in the UK, and that bugging, phone hacking and bribery take place as a matter of course.

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However, Mr Martinez, who runs the private detective agency Expedite , claims that everything he does is above board. After spending some time as an officer in the RAF Reserves, he gained a diploma in private investigations, which covered espionage, surveillance, counter-surveillance, tracing, debt recovery, process serving, commercial and domestic investigations. He is also well versed in regulations like the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act RIPA , which advises on what kinds of surveillance you can carry out before it is considered intrusive.

Tapping a phone is considered acceptable as long as two out of three parties on the call are aware that the conversation is being recorded, and a vehicle can be tracked as long as the tracker is not inside the car and does not affect its performance.

Mr Martinez also said that many judges will choose to overlook how evidence was obtained "for the greater good and in the interests of justice" — as long as there was no damage to property or injury to anyone, and as long as the information gathered was relevant to the case. It is not only cheating partners that private detectives collect evidence on. Mr Martinez said he also frequently tracks down people evading debt recovery and payment, and also carries out surveillance on teenagers on behalf of their worried parents.