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Custom filters can be added here, as well.

Pause the internet, extend bedtime, set additional off-times for internet mealtime, homework, school, etc. Subscribe today to get access to all of our coverage. The driver-protect option, great for new teen drivers.

For an additional cost, Driver Protect can be added. Parents get driving analysis and crash detection. If a crash is detected by the app, the driver will receive a call.

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If the driver needs assistance, life will dispatch emergency services to the location. A "circle" of people can be created to share location information. A "checking in" will send a notification of your location to the circle.

Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids

A messaging function allows everyone in the circle to communicate. Parents can receive alerts when kids leave and arrive at home or school or any zone set by the parent. So if they're out riding their bikes in the neighborhood, a parent can create boundary lines they can't cross without the parent's knowledge.

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The child's location and location of all devices paired with the app can be seen with the use of a map in the app. A free one-week trial is offered, then plus and premium options. While we didn't get a chance to test this, it is a free option. Setting screen time limits and device locking are options. This app also has a GPS-tracking feature.

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But since it's free, we think it's worth checking out. What are your kids doing on their phones?

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Here are the best apps to spy on them Andrea Cruikshank Cincinnati Enquirer. P enton is not the only mother who finds that such mobile tracking apps give her peace of mind.

Apps Like mSpy, Teen Safe, and Family Tracker Can Help You Spy on Your Kids—But at What Cost?

We already track our pets, our deliveries and luggage — so why not our offspring? Considering that every parent is likely to worry about their child getting into trouble or simply not coming home when they said they would, apps such as Sygic Family Locator, Geozilla and Tile offer precious comfort. Or are they creating a generation of parents who find it hard to cut the apron strings? Our children need to learn to assess risk and not be policed all the time. P arents should also bear in mind that monitoring their children remotely can bring unwelcome consequences.

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So how do youngsters feel about their parents keeping constant tabs on them?